Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Exploring utensils, yes really utensils

It amazes me when people look at everyday things and create something wonderful unique from them, preserving them to history.

Its like owning a piece of history not only a handcrafted item.

What a conversation piece. Take for instance this beautiful bracelet from Village Boutique it is the "Le Louvre" pattern circa 1888. 1888 was a leap year, In Germany, 1888 is known as the Year of Three Emperors, It was the blizzards that hit the Dakota Territories of the Americas. The National Geographic Society is founded, The great blizzard of the Eastern States of America. The football league is formed.

The British Parliament passes an act that permits bicycles on the road, on condition that they are equipped with a bell that should be rung while on the carriageway.

Berta Benz
arrives in Pforzheim, having driven 40 miles from Mannheim in a car manufactured by her husband Karl Benz, thus completing the first "long-distance" drive in the history of the automobile. Mary Ann Nichols is murdered. She is considered the first of Jack the Ripper's victims.

U.S. President Grover Cleveland declares the Chinese "impossible of assimilation with our people and dangerous to our peace and welfare". Delta Delta Delta was founded at Boston University.

How cool is this and this isn't all, not only is this a beautiful piece of jewelry you are purchasing and collecting its a piece of history, it is quite possible this spoon hand could of been at any of these events, apart of history.

You could start your own little collection of history with any of these wonderful items. It fun to be able to find a piece you love and then look up the history of the item. Here are some more artist that offer some wonderful pieces. What a unique gift that you could give this year, and also put with it your own little paper of the history of the piece.

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The Holistic Diva said...

Wow, what beautiful pieces made with such unique pieces. Wonderful creativity. I'm definitely taking a closer look.

Bullygrrl said...

So beautiful! Nice to have a piece like that that has seen SO much history!! Amazing.

Eddy G. said...

What a fabulous write up and what amazing pieces.

dbDesigns said...

Hi, nice write up! Thanks for including my work! I wanted to let you know that you mislabeled the photos though... dbdesigned is the one on the black background with the Swarovski crystal, not the watch. Thanks again for showing my work, I truly appreciate it!

Walk in the Woods said...
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WillowWalker said...

I love the watch!!!! Absolutely love it!

ceejay said...

Gorgeous Pieces...linked over to the shops, and there are even MORE spectacular items there.

Great blog, Huck.

♥ ceejay