Saturday, October 24, 2009

Its time to Simplify

The days seem to go by so fast one minute we are starting the week and blink of an eye it seems boom the weekend is here.

Its time to take back some of the time and Simplify. Even if it is only a few little changes those little things can add up to a well deserved personal break, a time to remember a time to share. A time to just stop and take in the moment.

Of course now a days we need to be reminded it
seems to take this time out for ourselves and what better way then with a sign to have on our shelf. I love the look of this sign by Irish Corkie Primitives. The look of age is a nice under statement that really time is precious and goes a little to fast now, and a good reminder to take that time out during the day.

How do we Simplify it could be just a change of a everyday routine. one less item to get at the store. Say you take the Facial Soap off the list and have it delivered to your home. Its one less trip down the aisle of the store one less item to check out. And what a great way to take in the day and pamper yourself, no special needs to go to some big department store to get the benefits of natural ingredients that help your skin the beauty it really is . Pegasus soaps has a wonderful selection but the idea of Neapolitan just brings ya back to the day of Ice cream day at the house the simple joy of a scoop of ice cream for just being that special day.

The day doesn't have to be hectic and trying. Everyone seems to be forgetful at times and what a great way yo plan out your day even if its just a few notes of what you have to get done, and things you would like to do.Having your own special journal to keep those things in makes it more special to you to keep track. Take this beautiful handmade book from Ignis Fatuus Wouldn't it be great to put your list in then to finish out the day writing a little entry for yourself of moments that happened through the day, and easy way to keep track and see what you have accomplished, and to dabble down ideas of things you thought of through the day that you would like to remember. Its something special to keep with you through the day and stylish to carry with you and bring out even while having lunch out.

Theres nothing like finishing a day accomplished, and now a days some times those days are few and far between. When you want to finish the day you want it to end knowing you didn't waste the day or end up not completing what you wanted for the day. Little things that you simply give to someone to simplify, can make a big difference when added up, through the years. What a wonderful a way to show and enjoy that you want to and live by Simplifying than giving others the reminder of taking time and simplify and simple ways to do that is to send them their own little sign. Like this scrabble Sign by
FunCards. Rnjoy your day and hope you find something simple to simplify your day.


Amy said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Simplify sign...wonderful write up also...I am now following :)


M2bC said...

In this wildly complicated world - simplify is a wonderful concept! Great choices!!

Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

Thank you for featuring one of my scrubs. All of them are great choices to simplify your life and a great feature :-)

WillowWalker said...

Lovely items! Now me I just need to learn to multi-task again and to use my time more effeciently.

Walk in the Woods said...
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Divaeva said...

I need that simplify sign to hang around my neck! <3

Wendy said...

Beautiful words for equally beautiful items.