Friday, November 20, 2009

And the winner is...........

The winner of Roseworks Jewelry Bracelet is #6 Shake your Bon Bons !! Congrats !!

I want to wish Everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.

As I am getting ready to go on the road the blog will be updated only weekly. I invite you to check back on weekends and see what new eye candy and handmade discoveries we will post for you.

Have a safe and a wonderful family and friend filled Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Turkey of Thanksgiving

A perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving.

Its that time of year, the time of family gathering. The time of being Thankful for what we have. Blessed for who we have in our life, the time to spend the day together, and realize what we really should be thankful for, our family our friends.

Its a good time to share our stories with our children, its time to enjoy our elders stories.

Not cooking a Turkey this year visiting family, bring a Turkey still a gift of a turkey that can be cherished and each year bring back the memories of the past Thanksgiving give your host this wonderful turkey from
homespunheartprim. Sure to be a centerpiece for life.

Bring along some Thanksgiving puppets from weeknit. Share the story of Thanksgiving with your children.

Let the children tell the stories to you, a great way to share the family togetherness with your children.

Set one puppet around the table at different plate settings and let every one share in on a fun story made up at the table, a great way to make a fun game
for the day.

A set for each of the children make a great gift for your younger guest to have them remember the day of
giving thanks, and sharing family.

After the long day of eating and spending time together and of course watching the parades and games, light a candle, placed on your new reversible mat from Sew Happy Designs
and what a nice surprise you have as everyone gets ready to leave let one of the children take the mat and flip it over and leave knowing that Christmas is around the corner , and another time for a gathering and sharing of family.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Travling Handmade

Its time to pack! going away for a weekend trip can be just the right thing for a pick me up this time of year, in goes some of my favorite clothes in my weekend bag from retrofied.

Love the colors and the calm just what I am looking for some calm and some fun. Enough room for all my clothes and goodies too.

I may head to the beach or to the trails and do some hiking. Its my weekend and all up to me what may come

I think I will throw in my wonderful new cribbage board in case I meet someone special and we want to pass the time. Theres nothing like playing a few rounds of cards, to get to know someone and what better way to introduce handmade than an awesome made cribbage board from

What better way to remember my weekend off than writing down and maybe putting in some dried flowers of my journey in my new Mini journal which is great to carry even on the go from MyHandboundBooks

Even on the simplest of days, handmade can bring such a completed day and make the littlest of things even more special.

Or gather up these wonderful unique items and put them in a basket with a special note and give the gift of comfort and freedom of a day, to anyone special in your life that needs to just get away and enjoy the moment of their life.

Monday, November 2, 2009

And This weeks Winner is .......

There were 17 comments for this weeks giveaway picked number 13 ceejay Won the wonderful Fairy from !!

Next giveaway will start this weekend !!

Have a beautiful day

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finding a Smile

There are days we come across, we just need a smile. Or sometimes we find we need to give a smile.

There are so many ways to do it and a smile can be given in so many ways. It can be a smile that includes a hug a hug and smile to have everyday.

Ren studio has some wonderful unique dolls, that are sure to bring a smile and the hugs will be given throughout the day.

Uniquely a gift that is given as to the person that you are giving it to.

The amazing talent available to us on the internet there is something for each taste each person each unique view.

Sometimes you need to give a smile with that little extra smooch. What better way to give someone a smile and that little extra smooch just from you. This handmade lampwork fish Glasstastic Treasures
Will bring a special smile and each time the receiver has him. They know how special it is, and that is was picked just for them.

Sometimes the perfect smile comes in the smallest of thoughts that day, the friendships and the special meaning of the littlest gesture.

Sometimes a smile comes in a little envelope found in the mail, a little surprise during the day, amongst the daily walk to the mailbox, a smile you can send a way of saying hello during the day and how much you mean to me brings that simple smile to their face.

Butterfly-Crafts has special cards completed, and ready for you to choose, a unique way to send that smile through the mail, and original to all and not massed produced, you are sending not only that special note but knowing it a special one of a kind creation that you knew was the perfect fit to bring that smile

It can be an amazing trip through handmade shops online, you can find the perfect match, and have a story told with such a unique item, the receiver not only knows you took that special notice but knows that you share a special smile between each other.