Saturday, October 17, 2009

Starting the weekend

The work week is done and time to start the day, hop out of bed to find my way to refreshing shower, and the wonderful smell and feel of my handmade soap from The Copper Cauldron soaps bamboo pear & Tarragon scent shall awaken me for the day, and no need for lotion on my skin because since I been using it the moisture of my skin is amazing.

Off to put some make up on cause we don't want to scare no one away. I grab the Flawless Face 7pc Mini kit from Lighthouse Minerals

Boy the feel of mineral makeup is so light and refreshing and since I have been
using it the skin feels so soft, and young looking. I always smile as I think of the complements I receive during the day, and the questions I get on how my skin looks so wonderful. Its a wonderful feeling knowing about the handmade make up and knowing what I am really using natural ingredients. What a wonderful thing to find such natural items on my computer. Its almost like having hidden treasures.

Now to figure what to wear its day of fun a day out for a walk and enjoying my time and my day off So something comfy but stylish and maybe a bit catchy to turn some heads. Yet a little fun and comfy to wear I think I will go with My Fleece wrapped dress from gaiaconceptions
It was a special treat for me and each time I put it on I feel so special and the feeling of the Day is here lets capture it .

Now what to finish it off with hmm something that completes the look and something so unique I know no one
else will have, a touch of class, but a look of I am fun too, don't let the outside appearance confuse you , how about my ahh yes my awesome pendant from Broken Wings Designs, perfect on my chain and it will be a great addition to my outfit, bet it will turn some heads and people will be asking where its from, definatly something everyone doesn't find everyday.

Now to grab my Wristlet From ceejays bags and I am off to start my day.

Want to be unique and stylish too visit any of these wonderful items
just by clicking on any of the links above. I guarnatee you find wonderful Artisans bringing you quality unique Handmade items.

Find the fun and the completly unique feel of handmade, once you start I bet you don't stop, you will find that handmade is wonderful to invest in and also to give. The Holidays are right around the corner and what a great gift to give is handmade. You not only give something unique, but also to your receiver the sense of a true gift that will be treasured and known that you really wanted to give them something special and unique as much as that person is special to you.

Til next time Have a beautiful day!


Christie Cottage said...

What a lovely post promoting others!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you for posting on my Blog Blast thread :-)

I am following you.

Divaeva said...

mmm...I bet that soap smells heavenly! <3 said...

wow! what a great collection of goodies! :D

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Great selection of awesome items!

Eddy G. said...

What fabulous selections; got my eye on that soap.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my soap with such fabulous creations!

WillowWalker said...

Wow! What a wonderfully, amazingly well written post promoting handmade. Very impressive!

Arlene said...

Don't you just love handmade items? I do! Whenever something is handmade, it feels more like it is made with love. Great post and wonderfully enticing collection of handmade products!

Walk in the Woods said...
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Tins and Treasures said...

I love the little wristlet!

Enjoy Sunday ~Natalie

Bullygrrl said...

All of these items are so cute. What a great way to promote others!

ceejay said...

Tins and Treasures - Thanks for the compliment on my wristlet. :-)

Huck, Thank you for including my ceejaybags wristlet with such wonderful items. I'm honored to be in such company.
♥ ceejay