Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Turkey of Thanksgiving

A perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving.

Its that time of year, the time of family gathering. The time of being Thankful for what we have. Blessed for who we have in our life, the time to spend the day together, and realize what we really should be thankful for, our family our friends.

Its a good time to share our stories with our children, its time to enjoy our elders stories.

Not cooking a Turkey this year visiting family, bring a Turkey still a gift of a turkey that can be cherished and each year bring back the memories of the past Thanksgiving give your host this wonderful turkey from
homespunheartprim. Sure to be a centerpiece for life.

Bring along some Thanksgiving puppets from weeknit. Share the story of Thanksgiving with your children.

Let the children tell the stories to you, a great way to share the family togetherness with your children.

Set one puppet around the table at different plate settings and let every one share in on a fun story made up at the table, a great way to make a fun game
for the day.

A set for each of the children make a great gift for your younger guest to have them remember the day of
giving thanks, and sharing family.

After the long day of eating and spending time together and of course watching the parades and games, light a candle, placed on your new reversible mat from Sew Happy Designs
and what a nice surprise you have as everyone gets ready to leave let one of the children take the mat and flip it over and leave knowing that Christmas is around the corner , and another time for a gathering and sharing of family.


Shake Your Bon Bons said...

What a beautiful collection!

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

It's a wonderful holiday story!Thank you for including me in your wonderful group of artists!
Cindy AKA Sew

Franni said...

Great choices!!

Walk in the Woods said...
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Cari said...

Those puppets are soooo cute!