Sunday, November 8, 2009

Travling Handmade

Its time to pack! going away for a weekend trip can be just the right thing for a pick me up this time of year, in goes some of my favorite clothes in my weekend bag from retrofied.

Love the colors and the calm just what I am looking for some calm and some fun. Enough room for all my clothes and goodies too.

I may head to the beach or to the trails and do some hiking. Its my weekend and all up to me what may come

I think I will throw in my wonderful new cribbage board in case I meet someone special and we want to pass the time. Theres nothing like playing a few rounds of cards, to get to know someone and what better way to introduce handmade than an awesome made cribbage board from

What better way to remember my weekend off than writing down and maybe putting in some dried flowers of my journey in my new Mini journal which is great to carry even on the go from MyHandboundBooks

Even on the simplest of days, handmade can bring such a completed day and make the littlest of things even more special.

Or gather up these wonderful unique items and put them in a basket with a special note and give the gift of comfort and freedom of a day, to anyone special in your life that needs to just get away and enjoy the moment of their life.


Eddy G. said...

What wonderful items and a perfect day planned. I would want to use them every day

Walk in the Woods said...
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Sugar Socks said...

everything is very pretty :)

Creative Cove Jewelry Designs said...

What awesome items! I love them all!