Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Handmade Artist

Welcome to The Handmade Artist.
Handmade is a way of life, for many it is the only way to be, for some they are new to it, and remember the days of craft bazaars and not quite understand the new online movement of the Handmade Arts.

Its just not those 70's knitted towels, and Redneck Fishing dynamite anymore.

The online experience of handmade is wonderful experience to find gifts and home decor, wonderful body and bath supplies, beautiful Art work for your walls. The now and the simple pleasure gift to self.

There are many Markets online to find handmade. Many go to and not quite understand the sellers behind these pieces are Artist in their own right, bringing to you a special piece, that no one else has. Or the comfort of the aroma of hand made candle, the feel of a handmade soap to make you never want to go back to store bought soap again.

The photograph taken at just the right moment that gives that place on your wall the perfect art piece.

The little hair bows that you give to your lil girl that gives her that special feeling of just hers and no one else has it.
The piece of jewelry you get to own that everyone says wow I have never seen that where did you get it, and you get the awesome response of knowing you have the only one like it.

The ornament on the tree given to your parents that will be handed down,knowing it is the special gift just for your family. The putting on of a unique handmade outfit to call your own, and know it was made by one person and that it will always be your favorite with the feeling of made just for you.

The Card you put in the envelope to send to a loved one knowing you are making a special statement of not only am I sending you this wonderful card but all the thought and care that went into it to be made it will be a card they in return cherish and display, and have their own piece of art sent to them with just a stamp.

The perfect original sculpture that completes your room. The custom blanket that keeps you warm on the cold night. The special baby blanket, hat, and shoe set made for her first day home from the hospital.

The doll house miniatures that you share with your children, that create the home and special time together.

These are only a few of the handmade items available on the internet today.

You can now shop from home, and have items to give and receive that are special from start of the creation to the time you unwrap it from the moment the carrier hands it to you.

At The handmade Artist we will seek out and share with you some of the wonderful artist that are available at the tip of your fingertips. We hope to show you that you are investing not only in your life but the life of the Artist you purchase from.

We will also bring you special finds, and gift ideas, tips and tricks for bringing handmade ideas into your home.

We hope you will bookmark us and stop by again and grow with us as we start the journey of the Handmade Artist.


Walk in the Woods said...
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ceejay said...

Great blog! I'm looking forward to reading more about the artists behind the artwork.


Joan Minervini said...

Great Blog! Count me in! :0)
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Teri said...

Ditto that!
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