Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finding Nature

There are days it seems we miss out on the wonderful gifts of nature. Its something that in the past faced life we now live in we forget to take it in and enjoy it.

Just because we are busy does not mean we can not enjoy it in our life.

We can satisfy our eyes and thoughts with a simple beautiful Artist captured take on nature. At one time that is all there was for humans was nature. You could bring the look of nature add a frame or carry it in your pocket to take out and just enjoy. Like with this one of a kind ACEO from Walk in the Woods. You could get lost if even for just a few moments in the life of this leaf, what story could be told, where could it take you on a journey of thoughts, and solitude, enjoying this little moment each day of your life.

Wear a pieceof the past and take in how the world once was. This beautiful necklace created by Ladyhawke.Designs

Ammonites are related to modern day octopus & squid, they lived in ancient oceans about 400 million years ago.

Not only a piece of the earths history but the conversation piece and one of a kind necklace you could enjoy.

You could capture nature in your home at night after
long busy day, with a hand poured soy wax candle by Skyline Candle Company

Moonlight Path is a perfecting ending for the day, it will remind to take that moment and enjoy the glow of the moon the sparkle of the stars, the time when all you looked up and saw all stars, what a relaxing feeling nature has to offer us.

Though you may not be able to be out in nature itself, there is many ways to bring it into your life, by artist that have uniquely created and aroused our sense with just the beautiful touch of nature


Franni said...

Great items, great artists, great post Huck Keep up the good work!

Skyline Candle Company said...

Thank you for featuring my candle!!!

The Soccer Moms' Guide to Wicca said...

Your site is beautiful, and so are the items you're giving away. Thanks for hosting this, it helps support small online businesses while having fun!

Divaeva said...

I freaking <3 all these items!
You rock Huck!

Jan @ J Winterbower Glass Art said...

Very true about enjoying nature. I find myself stopping and watching the birds in our birdbath. It reminds me I'm human and I'm not just here to survive.

Walk in the Woods said...
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ceejay said...

Fish Lips!!!! My kids and I do fish lips all the time. That is an adorable piece!

Blog keeps getting better! You're the best.
♥ ceejay